Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Going Out With a Whimper

Hi, y'all!

That's as close as I get to Southern, after my week on the beaches of North Carolina.  We had a great time, then I returned and went to two mini-vacations in the Colorado mountains.  Which is when I started whimpering.  My AOL account was hacked minutes before I was about to depart on my second mountain escape. 

What followed was a lot of time spent changing passwords and vigilance re: my financial accounts.  All seems fine now.  But I still haven't gotten back into my routine.  I haven't been doing my awful daily stretching routine.  I dislike stretching, which is why my body needs it so badly.  And I'm truly struggling to get back into my writing, mostly because I've spent so many hours in front of the computer doing other things, often while whimpering and cursing.

I'm getting an eye lift next week, so that means several days off the computer.  I might actually try writing while turning my computer screen off.  As long as I check my hand position on the keys it might work out.  It would just be stream of consciousness work as I continue to plot my 8th Domestic Bliss mystery.  It will be either my 20th or 21st novel--depending on whether I complete my 2nd book in my thriller trilogy before or after this one.  I'm also supposedly getting major landscaping work done after Labor Day.  I wrote "supposedly" because this was supposed to start two weeks ago.  We'll see if I update my photograph in another month or two.

Warmest wishes!
Leslie O'Kane 

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