Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013

Hi, from Ocracoke, NC!

This is a favorite vacation spot for my family.  We haven't been here in several years.  Our vacation has been flying by.  I haven't given my book a second thought.  I hope that my unconscious is working out the plot, but I doubt that's happening.  The closest I've come to research is that I've been drinking wine, which one of my characters has made a career from selling. Maybe that counts for something.  

My son is in Korea, starting his year-long tour at Osan AFB.  My daughter is here with us. 

I had a dreadful dream the night before last in which I was looking back at my life and thinking that I hadn't tried hard enough to do anything meaningful with my life.  Wherever that came from, I hope it has parted company with my brain permanently.

My sister broke out a jigsaw puzzle, which is unfortunate.  I have an obsessive compulsiveness when it comes to them; it's all I can do to tear myself away--and this one is Monet's Garden, which is extremely difficult.  Many years ago I asked my family to never again give me a puzzle.  If my house caught fire and I was in the middle of doing a puzzle, that would be the inanimate object that I'd try to save.  (Although I'd balance my computer on the assembled puzzle pieces.)  

It's late and I'm starting to adjust to EST, just in time to return to MST.

Best wishes,

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